Economics Papers

Saltzman, E. “Managing Adverse Selection: Underinsurance vs. Underenrollment.” (accepted, The RAND Journal of Economics)

Media coverage: New York Times

Saltzman, E. “Demand for Health Insurance: Evidence from the California and Washington ACA Exchanges.” Journal of Health Economics, 63: 197-222, 2019.

Health Policy Papers

Saltzman, E., Eibner, C., and Enthoven, A. “Improving the Affordable Care Act: An Assessment of Policy Options for Providing Subsidies.” Health Affairs, 34(12): 2095-2103, 2015.

Taylor, E., Saltzman, E., Bauhoff, S., Pacula, R., and Eibner, C. “More Choice in Health Insurance Marketplaces May Reduce The Value of Subsidies Available to Low-Income Enrollees.” Health Affairs, 34(1): 104-110, 2015.

Other Papers

Gonzales, D., Kaplan, J., Saltzman, E., Winkelman, Z., and Woods, D. “Cloud- Trust A Cloud Security Assessment Model for Infrastructure As a Service (IaaS) Clouds.” IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, 5(3): 523-536, 2016.

Saltzman, E., Drew, J., Leemis, L., and Henderson, S. “Simulating Multivariate Nonhomogeneous Poisson Processes Using Projections.” ACM Transactions on Computer Modeling and Simulation (TOMACS), 33(3), 2012.

Saltzman, E. and Gonzales, D. “Optimal Number of Gateways for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET) with Two Subnets.” Proceedings of the Military Communications Conference MILCOM 2011: 1921-1925, 2011.

Schreiber, S. and Saltzman, E. “Evolution of Predator and Prey Movement into Sink Habitats.” The American Naturalist, 174(1): 68-81, 2009.